Project X

Here at Hobson Industries, we have set out to produce a vehicle that is as good as new, using a unique process, whilst using as many recovered parts as possible.


It all started as an old worn chassis which most people would have fork-lifted into the scrap bin. Firstly, the chassis acid dipped, to remove all corrosion, afterwards, the depth was tested to make sure the chassis was safe to use. The chassis then went away for galvanising along with multiple brackets to prolong the vehicle's life.

Meanwhile, the Engineering team were building the power-train using parts that were recovered through our Asset Management programmes, including injectors and brackets, whilst replacing all seals and gaskets with OEM quality. This helps reduce the cost and help the environment at the same time, whilst keeping the quality as high as a new Engine from Land Rover.
Once the units have been built and tested to Land Rover specifications and tolerances, they were then passed onto our Paint and Body shop where they coated the units with an anti-corrosive paint, which will extend the life of the vehicle even longer.

Once the chassis was back from galvanising, the reconditioned units were then fitted, using as many Asset Managed components as possible, such as brackets and rods. Slowly, the vehicle came to life.

Once the foundations were laid down, it paved the way for more exciting upgrades. At this point, all of the panels and other brackets had just come out of Paint and Body. These include a Hobson manufactured stainless steel bulkhead.

At the same time, the back body arrived, also painted in the beautiful "Night Fire" colour. The inside had been coated in Line-X, which is a durable hard-wearing protective coating, which prevents rust and corrosion and is also anti-slip and flame retardant. These are upgrades that every Land Rover deserves.

The vehicle build is full steam ahead at this point, with the side panels, wings, pillar posts and roof all being added, with the addition of new wheels. Hobson Industries then decided to attend a show, with half of the vehicle built up, showing off the guts on the vehicle and just how special this unique vehicle is. Project X went down really well and a lot of interest was created, especially in the stainless steel bulkhead.

After a successful show, back at Hobson Industries, the team carried on upgrading the Defender. The rest of the panels were fitted and work was set on with the interior. Reconditioned seat bases were used. They were sent away for dipping to remove the corrosion and re-coated to make them as new. Once all the seats had been fitted, the vehicle was almost finished. With a winch being fitted and little cosmetic features added, this once scrap worthy chassis is now a stunning vehicle with a personality. Project X is expertly fitted and nothing like the Land Rover world has seen before. With features like the Line-X coated flooring, and the stainless steel bulkhead, this vehicle will be around for decades to come.


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