Asset Management


Hobson Industries are pioneers of a process known as Asset Management which is an engineering process for used original parts comprising inspection, measurement and quality control, cleaning and processing/refurbishment procedures which produces a reconditioned part that is fit for re-use with the same quality expectation as the equivalent new part, but at a reduced cost.

Our industry recognised Asset Management process’s reputation for quality, cost savings and environmental benefits is long-established, and we are used by tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers as well as private customers and high end restoration companies.

We hold many part lines on stock and can quickly provide many that are not in stock.

Our Asset Management Services include:

  • Dismantling and Inspection. Careful and thorough dismantling and inspection which can include measurements and detailed reports
  • Parts Cleaning. We use ultrasonic tanks, high pressure jet washing, alkaline degreasing and manual wash stations for optimum results on many variations of parts
  • PH Neutral Corrosion Removal. An immersive process for parts like cylinder heads and engine blocks
  • Mechanical Blasting and Peening. Shot peening is a process specifically designed to enhance the fatigue strength of components which are subject to high alternating stressMechanical blasting/peening operations are performed with two automated blasting units using different types of media.  Our large table blaster uses a mixture of high carbon shot and grit for blasting/peening heavy grade parts like axle casings, suspension and chassis parts.  The large belt blaster uses a stainless steel grit and bead mixture for clean/bright aluminium casings
  • Manual Blasting. Manual blasting operations are performed with either a large wet blaster or a smaller dry blaster.  The wet blaster uses glass bead and a cleaning solution and is most effective on machined/polished surfaces or gears.  The dry blaster uses glass bead and is most effective on small delicate parts
  • Powder Coating. We have multiple applicators and can powder coat almost any type of coating on any metal surface.  Our large curing oven allows us to powder large quantities of parts and or sizeable parts
  • Zinc Electroplating. We have a zinc electroplating plant which allows us to control quality and speed up the transition of parts to the assembly departments
  • Machining/re-engineering. We recondition flywheels including re-grinding the clutch surface and replacing ring gears. We also repair worn transfer box casings giving improved strength and longevity
  • Carburettor reconditioning. Our specialised technicians build fully reconditioned units that look like new
  • Rotating Electrics reconditioning. We build fully reconditioned starter motors, alternators and distributors which are tested on dedicated test rigs