Vehicle Refurbishment


Hobson Industries is a fully approved Land Rover Vehicle Reconditioner. 

What does this mean?  Quite simply, we are able to refurbish Land Rover vehicles to a standard well above the abilities of non-approved workshops, and to a standard that Land Rover themselves would be happy with.

How is this achieved?  Incoming vehicles are given a thorough inspection that covers hundreds of individual points.  This inspection results in an engineering report being written which is provided to the customer along with a quotation for the remedial works required which may vary according to the overall condition of the vehicle. 

Once the customer agrees the scope of the work to be carried out, the vehicle is stripped carefully so as not to damage re-useable components and assemblies.  These components are then streamed to the various departments within the business for processing.  The ultimate objective of these processes is to recondition the original components to an expected quality to the equivalent of a new, original part. 

Our departments comprise:
• Asset Management (Parts cleaning, preparation for further processing)
• Engineering (Unit assembly i.e. engines, gearboxes, axles)
• Fabrication (Chassis repair, bespoke components)
• Paint & Body (Repair and painting of panels and vehicle bodies)

Processed parts and assemblies are then returned to the build area and a highly skilled technician is assigned to rebuild the vehicle from the ground up, starting by building the rolling chassis, adding the engine and gearbox, then the bulkhead and so on, until the vehicle is complete.  All panel work and painted components are painted off the vehicle so as to ensure longevity and durability and are only fitted at final assembly rather than simply being masked off and painted.  This produces a high quality factory finish.

The completed vehicle then undergoes a final inspection and thorough testing including a series of shakedown test drives that usually total 200 miles so as to eliminate any possibility of undetected issues when the customer takes delivery.

Every process that is carried out is controlled by written, exacting quality procedures which are the heart of our ISO9001 Quality Management System.  This guarantees that our work is consistently of the highest quality possible. 

In fact, our aim is to improve wherever we can identify an opportunity to do so which keeps Hobson Industries at the forefront of the vehicle refurbishment and reconditioning business. We have many satisfied customers including private owners, the UK Ministry of Defence and the RNLI who all appreciate the quality of what we can achieve. 

We keep vehicles as Land Rover intended and if this is what you require, then Hobson Industries must be the first choice!