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Few companies can match Hobson Industries’ ability to offer through life support for the Land Rover Defender platform in both armoured and soft skin variants, from a standard 90 to an armoured gunship. As well as the classic Series Land Rovers and Range Rovers, there is not much Hobson Industries cannot do.

Hobson Industries is a private company established in 1987 by Peter Hobson, after serving as a Charge Chief Weapons Engineering Artificer in the Royal Navy. Hobson Industries is an innovative and highly technical engineering business operating to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System which is complimented with our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

Across the markets we serve in, the UK and globally, we establish close relationships with the people that trust and depend on us. We specialise in the through life support management and development of Land Rover heritage military and civilian platforms – in effect, the Land Rover need never die!

Hobson Industries offer four core services that we specialise in:

1. Vehicles

We offer Land Rover vehicle builds to original specification or complete with modifications and upgrades at the customers request. All work is done in house using our bountiful facilities. In addition to vehicle refurbishment, reconditioning and homologation across all Land Rover models. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

2. Powertrain and Transmission Units

We offer new and reconditioned units, perfect for your Land Rover. All built using Land Rover tolerances and specifications. All for sale on our website. Additionally, we offer reconditioning services for your own units.

3. Parts Supply

With over 16,000 part lines in stock, and the Asset Management programme pioneered by the company, we are able to provide a cost effective range of parts which may no longer be available. Our parts strategy ensures that all re-cycled, asset managed and reconditioned parts and units meet original equipment standards and specifications to ensure your safety while driving on or off road.

Additionally we are offering Hobson Originals branded parts; these are a range of parts re-introduced for managing obsolescence when the part is no longer available. The Hobson Originals parts supply chain ensures that all parts, units and assemblies supplied by Hobson Industries Limited, meet original equipment standards and manufacturing specifications certifying the function, safety and reliability of the product.

4. Armour - Design and Fabrication and Blast Protection

We offer armouring in steel, composite and ceramic of new and refurbished vehicles and fleets.

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